History of AECIMA

In 2010, a group of surgeons particularly devoted to breast surgery noted the lack of means to learn and develop this specialization in Spain, as well as the lack of involvement in the training process, a non-existent acknowledgement for this kind of surgery and the absence of a long-term view by the traditional institutions. Thus, we agreed that it was necessary to create a parallel approach where all these intentions were embraced. The Spanish Association of Breast Surgeons was born based on these premises.
Breast diseases include a group of conditions with a huge incidence and prevalence, and this requires committed and prepared staff. This is not an original idea as this kind of associations already exist in other countries, and even in Spain specific societies were created when enough interest was raised. Currently, hundreds and even thousands of breast surgeon are represented in other countries by societies and associations.

We believe that our country has reached a critical mass in order to create a society that brings together these ideas and commitments. This Society aims at embracing all these intentions, involving all stakeholders and being at the forefront of innovation, thus opening our minds to future developments. Our Society is born without ties of any kind and a clear view of the future.

Knowledge is supported by people, and both of them can be overcome in a short period of time; the future lies in innovation, in acknowledging the leading role of new ideas and in submitting personal interests to a sole objective: improving the surgical care of our patients. Join our society and let’s move forward together.

AECIMA’s Goals

  1. Spreading the knowledge on diagnosis, treatment and prevention of breast diseases, especially breast cancer.
  2. Take advantage of the synergies resulting from the collaboration of several specialists in order to obtain better results regarding the surgical treatment of breast diseases.
  3. Promote research in the field of surgical treatment of breast diseases.
  4. Promote and support the development, publication and dissemination of protocols in order to optimize the treatment of breast diseases.
  5. Train the new generations of surgeons in solving specific problems of the surgical treatment of the breasts.
  6. Answer the questions and interests of the patients.
  7. Spread the rights of women with breast cancer to finish their treatment with the least disturbance in their physical image.
  8. Make the necessary efforts so that breast surgery is granted a specific Training Area by the Spanish Ministry of Education.
  9. Defend the freedom of professional activity of the associated surgeons.
  10. Act as a valid representative before organzations and individuals in order to defend the interests of the associated surgeons.
  11. Allow the communication and access to information sources in the field of the associates.
  12. Represent its associates in matters of professional nature.
  13. Organize activities in order to enhance the professional training of the associates.
  14. Promote and encourage the connections with other professionals, associations or organizations, pursuant to the other goals of the Association.
  15. Raise funds to carry out these tasks.