Regarding the recent publications affirming that there are 9,000 doctors in Spain who carry out cosmetic surgery without the specific qualifications and in views of the unjustified alarm caused, the Spanish Society of Surgical Oncology (SEOQ) and the Spanish Association of Breast Surgeons (AECIMA) would like to send a reassuring message to the patients community.

The handling of women with breast cancer is carried out in a multidisciplinary way in Breast Departments. Over recent years, this multidisciplinary training has meant that breast oncology surgeons have increased their training in oncoplastic techniques related to breast remodelling, as well as in oncological removal of the tumour to improve the outcomes of surgical intervention and consequently the quality of life of our patients.

Both AECIMA and the SEOQ consider oncoplastic surgery to be part of the oncologic breast surgeon training and is carried out in numerous hospitals with oncological safety guarantees and with optimum aesthetic results.