26- Radiotherapy (iBreastBook Meets SENATURK) 

In this iBreastBook with SENATURK Webinar and we look at Breast Radiotherapy with Experts from across the world

The talks will be

1- Radiotherapy of the Breast, The basics, Elinor Sawyer, England, UK
2- To boost or not to boost, this is the Question, Melanie Machiels, Belgium
3- Radiotherapy, The Complications Hale Başak Çağlar, Turkey

This is Moderated by Yazan Masannat (Aberdeen, Scotland, UK) and Bahadir Gulluoglu (Istanbul, Turkey), Panellists include Ash Kothari (England, UK) and Omar Youssef (Egypt)

* Las ponencias serán en inglés, pero habrá un segundo canal en español donde podremos encontrar a Ricardo Pardo

19 feb. 2022 04:00 p. m. Londres